When Stella Met Lulu

Photography by Danielle Rueda, MFA Photography
All clothes designed by Zixuan (Stella) Quan, BFA Fashion Design & Lulu Hui-Ju Tsai, BFA Knitwear Design
Fashion Director: Flore Morton
Words by Adriana Georgiades, MA Fashion Journalism

A recent collaboration between BFA Fashion Design student Zixuan (Stella) Quan and BFA Knitwear Design student Lulu Hui-Ju Tsai, yielded a six-look collection for their senior thesis project, which utilized their strengths, and served as a proxy for an industry-like exercise.

As Tsai discovered, partnership allows designers to incorporate their know-how while making up for any gaps. “Knitwear has some technical limitations,” Tsai explained. “We can’t do a lot with pants or garments that are too constructed, so collaboration can [expand] the whole collection and [make it] more wearable.”

Her partner, Quan agrees that knitwear added a unique element; a new technological angle to what could have otherwise seemed like ordinary fashion design. “It takes the collection to a [whole] next level,” Quan said.

The fashion industry thrives on both competition and collaboration, yet the latter is an essential skill for success. “This collaboration was [our] first step to connect with the real industry [practices]. Unless you’re going to a pure knitwear company, [in your future] you’ll be working with a design team,” Tsai said. “Collaboration is key.”

Model: Alecia Harger, Stars Model Management.
Makeup & Hair Styling: Tara Marshell